David Bailey at the V&A

David Bailey, one of the most famous commercial photographers in the world, was interviewed by critic, writer, art historian and broadcaster Tim Marlow. I was lucky enough to be there. During the interview at the… Continue reading

Fuzion Magazine

Fuzion magazine is a free online photography magazine, created by Gabriel Van Ingen. Last week, I was finally able to see it; not on a computer screen, but as a genuine physical magazine that I could hold and flick though to where… Continue reading


Raindance 99 Minute Film School

Recently I had won tickets to the Raindance 99 Minute Film School in London, hosted by Elliot Grove the founder of Raindance and the British Independent Film Awards. Yesterday myself and a friend travelled to London… Continue reading

At Home with the Homeless

The first paragraph from ‘At Home with the Homeless’ by Alfred Smith, it goes like this; “Once upon a time a small boy was walking along the seashore with his bucket and spade.… Continue reading


London Fashion Weekend 2012 Video

Earlier this year, I went to photograph the catwalks at London Fashion Weekend with photographers Giorgio Esposito and Lisa Leverseidge. As my main purpose there was to photograph, that’s what I focused on, but being… Continue reading


I recently contacted photographer Nick Sumner who specialises in wedding photographs, portrait photographs, travel photographs and event photographs. This email which he sent has helped me a great deal. I hope that by blogging this,… Continue reading


My work has been published in Issue 5 of Fuzion Magazine, along with a section from my blog. In the next few days the magazine will be up for sale, so I’ll no doubt be… Continue reading


Since I didn’t start properly blogging until the start of January, I wanted to post a few things from last year. So, here’s my Lumen prints. I was really happy with these, especially… Continue reading

Chris Porsz

Today I met the lovely Chris Porsz, a local street photographer and paramedic in Peterborough. His work is being exhibited in the shopping centre Queensgate, which will be up until Tuesday next week. His work can also be found… Continue reading

London Fashion Weekend 2012


A starbucks coffee with writer Mark Stevens lead to this short but sweet interview… “I’m hoping to be published in an online magazine soon,” says young photographer, and occasional filmmaker, Sarah Page. “I was… Continue reading


Ben; “I was 6 when I learnt about my colour-blindness, I never really cared, I saw the world from my unique way and I see nothing wrong with that. The test I took… Continue reading


Jennifer; “Ever since I was a young child I have always been different. I wasn’t diagnosed with aspergers syndrome till I was 17 though my mum always knew I had it. I knew I was… Continue reading