Food Photography

This was my first time experimenting with food photography, using natural light and a beautiful apartment dining room in central London. The purpose was to create a mock-up of a cooking book for people with Anosmia (no sense of smell). With 80% of our taste actually coming from the smell of food, people with Anosmia may find it hard to have a normal appetite for food. Texture is extremely important for Anosmics, as is having a healthy appetite for healthy foods and having the right amount of nutritional intake. Working with a nutritionist, chef and designer, these images and layouts were created.


Chef (Left) Angeles Ayala, Nutritionist Cecilia Neri (Centre) & myself (Right)

Drinking coffee and eating scones with visual director Mónica Bratt (Left), Chef Angeles Ayala (Centre) & myself (Right)

IMG_0654 Using a step ladder because of my inadequate hight!

IMG_0559 Work space.

IMG_0630edit Favourite image so far. (Brief was to keep simple and bright, with props already provided).