Clothes are part of our identity. We are judged, criticised and complimented by the material on our backs. It can alter our mood, our confidence, the opportunities given to us and consequently, our happiness. We are brainwashed into believing that if we have ‘that’ product, we will look like the women and men it’s modelled on. We hope that in return, we will be respected, desired, admired and even envied. We spend a days’, a weeks’, even a months’ wage on pieces of clothing we believe will transform ourselves, both physically and mentally.

Once that buzz of buying fizzles out, almost like an addition, we take to the internet and the high street for our next fix. We are forgetting that we are still just humans. We are born naked. During our most intimate experiences, we are naked. We are the most advanced living organism in the world, we do not need a piece of material to determine our happiness.




The video below shows just how insecure people can be with their appearance. Not just people like myself, but successful models who have earned a living from their looks.