Raindance 99 Minute Film School

Recently I had won tickets to the Raindance 99 Minute Film School in London, hosted by Elliot Grove the founder of Raindance and the British Independent Film Awards. Yesterday myself and a friend travelled to London Apollo Cinema, where the event was based.

During the film school, Elliot Grove, pictured above, covered all these topics;

  • Finding a do-able script
  • Finding cast and crew
  • Shooting tips
  • Getting your film seen
  • Social media basics for filmmakers
  • The career ladder
  • Distribution and exhibition
  • Money and how to get paid

If you’re interested in going and learning a brief outline of the film industry, you can buy the tickets here, although if you’re travelling from outside London like I did, it may end up to be quite costly. If you’re looking for something more indepth, there are still many other courses that Raindance offer, but may be out of your price range if you’re a student like me.