My work has been published in Issue 5 of Fuzion Magazine, along with a section from my blog.

In the next few days the magazine will be up for sale, so I’ll no doubt be getting my hands on it soon! Here’s a few screen prints from the online magazine.

Front cover of Fuzion Magazine, Issue 5 Spring/Summer.

Introduction of the magazine, including a little note from Gabriel to our class: “I would like to dedicate this issue to my students. You have helped me gain a better understanding of what teaching is and should be! As we forge ahead together, tearing up the rulebook, rejoicing in your success, you remind me of a promise I made myself many years ago. one of the most influential people in my life was my first photography teacher, if I can be as patient, engaging, encouraging, passionate and demanding as my own teacher then I will have succeeded.”

Introduction to Three Point Four, including our portraits and my own opinion about my photography class.

My two page spread!