Since I didn’t start properly blogging until the start of January, I wanted to post a few things from last year. So, here’s my Lumen prints. I was really happy with these, especially because this was my first attempt at lumen prints.

The process to create lumens is pretty simple, but the final outcome can be effected by many small factors, from the type of paper used to the temperature.

Lumens are similar to photograms, but use the natural sunlight instead of manmade light, such as from enlargers. The idea is basically, creating a photograph of what is placed onto the paper.

I used black & white photographic paper, glass from old photo frames and some plants from the back of my mum’s garden. The plants were placed onto the paper, shiny side up, with the glass on top to keep it in place. From 12pm – 3pm/4pm on a cool sunny day, the lumens were left outside in direct sunlight. During 3pm – 4pm some of the prints were shadowed due to the sun moving. These were then moved into a shoe boxed covered in black masking tape to make it light-proof, then placed in dark changing bag.

These were then fixed in the dark room and scanned onto the computer. I did not tone these, but toning can result in better, more vivid colours.