A starbucks coffee with writer Mark Stevens lead to this short but sweet interview…

“I’m hoping to be published in an online magazine soon,” says young photographer, and occasional filmmaker, Sarah Page. “I was in London over the weekend working on a potential project. It’s all very secret,” she jokes.

The pair of us are sat in a Starbucks, she is pretty and well dressed, fitting in perfectly in our pseudo-student hangout surroundings. I had first met Sarah in her last year of a Media Production course at the local college and had wondered why a talented photographer was on a different course when there was a photography course going on two floors above.

“Well,” she said, smiling wryly, “I was told we would be doing photography. That unit didn’t last long but it worked out in the end because, well, I like film making too.”

With this over, Sarah is now doing the photography course.

“I love the course, it’s really nice to be around people with the same passions.”

The course is a two year endeavour, a big commitment but definitely worthwhile for someone who’s wanted to be a photographer since she was five. “My dad came brought a camera home from work with him one day, it was a Canon. Ever since then, I’ve known I wanted to work with cameras.”

Sarah’s come a long way since these early days. There are many examples of her work online and she shows me a few on her phone.

“I took this a few years ago, it was a spur of the moment shot,” she says, showing me a photo of three lads standing under a bridge. The simple composition and location work well together, making the graffiti that covers the bridge supports look as if it was always intended to be there. It is this naturalistic flow that characterises Sarah’s work.

Despite the relatively short period of time that Miss. Page has been active as a photographer, she’s already manage to amass a very varied portfolio covering nature, landscapes and portraits so I ask her what her favourite kind of photography is.

“I don’t have a style or a favourite genre of photography because I’m only just getting started. I’m a newbie,” she laughs.

Regardless of her modesty, Sarah has come a long way in a short time and continues to realise further potential. With the wide variety of styles, not just of photography but of media in general, that she works in, Sarah Page is definitely one to keep an eye on.