Ben; “I was 6 when I learnt about my colour-blindness, I never really cared, I saw the world from my unique way and I see nothing wrong with that. The test I took was simple; can you see the numbers in a circle? I couldn’t. I’m quite colour-blind, out of the spectrum, orange and red are the only colours I never have a problem with. Once when I was in year 4, I painted a landscape and coloured the grass brown and the sky purple. The teacher had a fit, who told me off in front of the entire class. When I told her I was colour-blind, she didn’t believe me. Luckily my mum worked at the school where she stated I was colour-blind. I then received a huge never ending apology! Even with my colour-blindness I did GCSE art and achieved a B overall. If anything, it gave me an edge, giving all my own work my own perspective. My favourite colour is green, I don’t know why but it is, I don’t tend to have problems with it except the odd brown. But overall, colour-blindness is a disability but also a unique quality. I see my world, my sunsets, the sky, the stars, in a way that you’ll never know or understand. My world is completely obscure to you, the talent I have with tones, the way I perceive a rainbow, the joy I have with my photography and my art no-one shall ever know, because this is my world seen though my eyes.”