Jennifer; “Ever since I was a young child I have always been different. I wasn’t diagnosed with aspergers syndrome till I was 17 though my mum always knew I had it. I knew I was different. I always struggled to get along with other kids and or people my age. Since I was a very young child I have had animals and I was always fascinated by them. I bonded with them better than any person. They did not judge me, or question my problems or faults. They loved me for who I was and for loving them in return. My first pet was my cat, Tiggy. I grew up with Tiggy until she sadly died when I was seven years old. Just one week later I got my two cats Rosie & Sophie who are still with us today. About two years ago we then got our two younger cats Tilly & Daisy. I am very attached to Daisy and we both have a special bond. We love each other so very much. My first domestic pet was my guinea pig Jerry, and english spotted rabbit, Thomas. Thomas died soon after I got him from stomach cancer and this made Jerry lonely. We then got Ben our second guinea pig. I love them both so being my first. I looked after them myself at a young age of six. However Ben unfortunately broke his back in an accident and we got Patch a third guinea pig. Patch and Jerry lived together with me for years. I grew so attached to them. The day Patch died was a very sad day I still clearly remember. About a year after Jerry also passed at an impressive age of nine. I also had my two Syrian hamsters, Fluffy and Snowy. A girl and boy, Fluffy was my first and Snowy was brought soon after. I loved them to pieces. Fluffy was the tamest hamster. I miss them two dearly. My first exotic was my two african clawed frogs, Reno and Cloud. I also had Victor & Emily my two whites tree frogs. Blob, my budgetts frog. Ninja & Zulu my two imperial scorpions. Many other fish and four fire bellied toads. I still do have my two corns, Lucy and Lestat. My two pythons, Athena and Aphrodite. My western hognoase Sebastian and my albino Californian kingsnake Luna.

My love of exotics has slowly grown inside me since the day I saw my parents hold a Burmese python in a zoo. I fell in love with the large strange creature and my obsession grew and bloomed into a new-found love of snakes of all species. I plan to collect many in my life. And last but not least I still have twenty-three mice and my two beautiful dogs, Draven and Gustav. Both rescues I love them more than anything. Though I love snakes, dogs are my favorite animal. My dogs have helped me conquer my social awkwardness and helped me become healthier and more confident. I owe them both so much and plan to rescue many dogs in my life.

As you can read my life is very animal orientated. My life is devoted to them, from my actions to the tattoo on my arm as a tribute to them. I do love my partner and family so, but my animals are also a big part of my family.”