Smell attracts, repulses and comforts us. It gives us our appetite and food its taste. It detects danger, evokes memories and is part of our own individual identity. It is one of five… Continue reading

Food Photography

This was my first time experimenting with food photography, using natural light and a beautiful apartment dining room in central London. The purpose was to create a mock-up of a cooking book for… Continue reading


Clothes are part of our identity. We are judged, criticised and complimented by the material on our backs. It can alter our mood, our confidence, the opportunities given to us and consequently, our happiness. We are brainwashed into believing that if… Continue reading

Portraits on Film

Film: Portra 160 (120 size) Camera: Mamiya 645af Gabriel Klaudia Giorgio Nikki Saskia Glenn Bells


ISO 125 5X4 B&W Pinhole film, exposed for 8 seconds, developed and printed today.

Zenza Bronica SQ-B

Shooting with the Zenza Bronica SQ-B, using Ilford FP4 Plus ISO 125 black & white film and Portra Kodak ISO 160 Colour film.  

Thinking positively; Information on Anosmia

I’ve been trying to think of my Anosmia as a more positive thing now, rather than letting it get me down. Everyone has problems at some point in their life, this is mine.… Continue reading


Photographer: Sarah Kathleen Page Assistant Photographer 1: Saskia Cole Assistant Photogrpaher 2: Glenn Woolsey Editor: Saskia Cole Model: Charlie Markham Hair: Jordan Leigh Smith / Regis hair salon, Peterborough Clothes: Sue Ryder Charity… Continue reading


In years to come we will be showing our children, our grandchildren, digital images on ipads and monitors. They’ll be just a few thousand pixels stored on hard drives, in folders we probably… Continue reading




My first memory of realising I couldn’t smell; I was young, still with bright blonde hair. I was led though my granddad’s garden in summer. He was quite proud of his garden. He… Continue reading

Scanner Self-portraits


After months and months of planning and shooting, it all came down to this one night. It felt amazing to watch so many people take an interest in my work, not just scan… Continue reading


This was my second day working with the London Festival of Photography and my first day in London alone. Despite only have gone on the underground once alone, I didn’t get lost! Typically,… Continue reading

Simon Roberts exhibition ‘Let This Be a Sign’

A few weeks ago I worked in London at the Simon Roberts ‘Let This Be a Sign’ exhibition for the London Festival of Photography. There’s loads of information about the exhibition, opening dates,… Continue reading